Live Cell Analysis

Full workflow solutions for live cell analysis

New advanced techniques for live cell study have been developed as a result of the surge in interest in the field of live cell imaging biology during the last decade. We offer solutions for your entire workflow within live cell analysis, from sample preparation, high-performance cutting-edge platforms, and easy-to-use analysis software.

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Prepare healthy samples for optimal study results

Keeping your cells healthy and alive is vital for later studying. In order to ensure that you have the most optimal starting point for your studies, we offer a variety of flasks and dishes for your cells of choice. No matter if you work with labelled cells or a real-time label-free platform we can supply you with various reagents and assay kits for diverse applications, such as proliferation, cytotoxicity, and wound healing, among others. You will find everything for sample preparation, including products for cell cultivation and incubators.

High-performance instruments to lift your research

To enable you to study cells in real-time, we offer a range of high-performance, cutting-edge analysis platforms. Measuring and assessing cell viability, cell death, and toxicity by flow cytometry on a platform based on the most recent techniques and technology gives you many options studying cells in real-time. Using the optimal equipment will help lift your research , e.g. by using dyes that enable simultaneous functional analysis.
We supply a selection of instrumentation from leading innovative developers and manufacturers that will aid you in your cellular investigations, and we are ready to guide you to the best selection whether you need image-based, impedance-based, or a combination of equipment. In our portfolio, you will, among others, find real-time cell analyzers, immuno-therapy kits, and multi-mode readers as well as cell imaging multi-mode readers.

Powerful software to support your analysis

Regardless of which platform you use, we provide powerful software to help you make the most of your data. Analyzing your data is a task that can be time-consuming, but the right software can significantly reduce the time you spend on analysis.

Professional guidance for your live cell studies

Our specialists are ready to guide you to the best setup as well as the use of both consumables and instruments. The right guidance can help you reduce costs, optimize your workflow, and save time so that you can focus more on studying your live cells. Get professional sparring on e.g. keeping your cells healthy, avoiding cell death and fatigue, and which consumables or instruments to choose for your unique setup. Find products from leading manufacturers and developers in our high-quality portfolio.