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Detection Kit for Tissue and Cytology

ZytoVision - Implementation kit

ZytoVision - Implementation kit

Implementation kits for FISH and CISH analysis on both tissue and cytology specimens

  • Easy to use

  • CE-IVD approved reagents for clinical diagnostics

  • Fits perfectly with Zytovision FISH and CISH probes


Detection Kit

Enzo Life Sciences - SAVIEW and POLYVIEW PLUS Detection System

Enzo Life Sciences - SAVIEW® and POLYVIEW® PLUS Detection System

Detection kit for FISH/CISH analysis

Detection kit for research for FISH/CISH. These detection kits work with both IHC and ISH. High-quality kits for use whether you are working with a sensitive nano-polymer detection system or a streptavidin-based system.

  • Ready-to-use reagents
  • Use for both IHC and ISH
  • Both manual and automated platforms
Enzo Life Sciences

ISH, Single Molecule RNA Detection

Thermo Fisher Scientific - ViewRNA FFPE tissue, ViewRNA cells

Thermo Fischer Scientific - ViewRNA FFPE tissue, ViewRNA cells

Single molecule RNA detection

ViewRNA Tissue assays are RNA in situ hybridization (ISH) assays for the reliable detection of one or two mRNA targets within tissue sections. Visualize any gene in any tissue with single-copy sensitivity and no radioactivity.

  • Ultra-sensitive FISH and CISH
  • Robust, single mRNA molecule detection in tissue sections
  • Accuracy and specificity inherent to branched DNA amplification technologies
  • Simultaneous detection of two RNA targets
Thermo Fisher Scientific