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The solutions for all your ELISA and multiplexing projects

We offer a full range of products for your workflow in ELISA and multiplexing. Find a wide selection of kits, washers, readers, and automated instruments based on the most recent technology. Select from more than 5,700 kits and 20 species. Whether your priority is accuracy, hands-on time and workflow, price and cost-efficiency, or another aspect, we are here to guide you to the best solution for your ELISA and multiplexing projects.

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From coat-it-yourself to ready-to-use ELISA kits

Among our 5,700 ELISA kits, you will find ready-to-use, coat-it-yourself, pre-coated, high sensitivity, phosphor, and CE-IVD-marked kits. We offer enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kits for any ELISA test type you want to perform; no matter if your test is a direct ELISA, competitive ELISA, or sandwich ELISA. The kits are, depending on the target, based on different approaches in order to obtain the best possible sensitivity, and cover 20 species.
If we do not have the ELISA kit you are looking for, we are happy to source the product for you.

Multiplexing – taking ELISA to the next level

Multiplex immunoassays have the great advantage of combining multiple target analytes in a single reaction volume, saving you time and sample volume. Multiplexing enables you to simultaneously quantitate up to 1000 analytes such as cytokines or other biomarkers from a single 25µl sample. You can achieve fast and cost-effective immunoassay profiling analysis with the platforms we offer. You can get pre-configured biologically defined panels, bead sets for detecting individual analytes, or customize your own panel configuration.

Instruments for every need

Find everything you need in our large selection of instruments and laboratory equipment – from microtiter plates (96- to 384 well plates), basic plate- or strip washers, reagent dispensers, and spectrophotometers/photometers. You will find instruments for both medium to high throughput needs. We offer instruments based on different technologies, either quantitative fluorescent microscopy (CCD imaging) or fluorescent flow cytometry. This complements our comprehensive range of kits, reagents, magnetic beads, panels, and antibodies.

Professional guidance for your ELISA and multiplexing projects

Our experienced product specialists are ready to help you with competent guidance for your specific instrument or setup, including information and instructions on sensitivity, analytic range, species, price, number of assays, etc. Our high-quality portfolio for ELISA and multiplex analysis includes products from the world’s leading suppliers.