Biomark HD - Discover the possibilites

Biomark HD - Discover the possibilites

Improve your High Throughput PCR and qPCR with Standard BioTools microfluidic system available at NMBU.

In this seminar, you will get:

  • An introduction to high throughput qPCR with your Biomark™ HD platform.
  • Learn about a novel data-driven method to identify multiple targets in a single reaction, with extremely reliable and accurate results.
  • Hear how this unique method provides a fast, accurate, and cost-effective approach to your Genotyping and Gene expression projects.
  • Discover the new X9 High-Throughput Genomics System, the only system for qPCR and NGS library prep on the market.

Book your 1-to1’s with Causia and Elena:

  • to discuss further your qPCR next project
  • to discuss further our D3 Assay design tool, to build your own panel
  • to attend a personal workshop with your own data and get some tips & tricks about the Genotyping or Gene Expression software analysis to optimize your results

Seats are limited, sign up to the right. Participation is free of charge. 
If you are prevented from participating, please let us know as soon as possible.

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Jun. 08 - Jun. 08
Hi1040 (Grupperom Fornix), Hippocampus NMBU Veterinærhøgskolen
Elizabeth Stephansens vei 15
1433 Ås, Norway
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