10% off xCELLigence RTCA

30.06.2018 | 10% off xCELLigence RTCA


Use xCELLigence for Bacterial Biofilm Studies.


Features & Benefits:


• Continuous monitoring:
• Reduced workload:
• Diverse applications:

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* Please state campaign code CM00226 when ordering to obtain the discount.
The campaign is valid until September 27, 2018.



 Santa Cruz kampanj

22.05.2018 | Santa Cruz kampanj

Buy any 2 or more Primary Antibodies from Santa Cruz, and receive for free:

One Cruz Marker™ MW Standards (sc-2035)  + choice of one MW Tag antibody.
Choose between:
Cruz Marker™ MW Tag-Alexa Fluor® 790:  sc-516731       
Cruz Marker™ MW Tag-HRP:  sc-516732
Cruz Marker™ MW Tag (unconjugated):  sc-516729
Cruz Marker™ MW Tag-Alexa Fluor® 680:  sc-516730        

* Offer is valid when ordering by email or telephone only.
The campaign is valid until Aug 31, 2018.



Discover the advantages of monoclonal antibodies

05.07.2017 | Discover the advantages of monoclonal antibodies

Buy 1 antibody from Santa Cruz and get free monoclonal antibody samples
Would you like to compare a monoclonal antibody from another supplier with a Santa Cruz one? Or do you use a polyclonal antibody and would like to test a monoclonal one?
Then buy one antibody at full price and get free samples of monoclonal antibodies.
Monoclonal antibody advantages
Strong signal with little non-specific background
Epitope specificity
Minimal lot to lot variation
Uniquely suited for Direct (HRP, FITC, etc.) Conjugates
Contact us for more information about the campaign. 



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