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Functional Genomics

Fluidigm - Polaris™

Fluidigm - Polaris™

Seamlessly integrate cell and molecular biology at a single-cell level

The Polaris™ lets you select single-cells from heterogeneous cell samples and hold them in separated, environmentally controlled nL reaction chambers, making it possible to measure each cell’s response. It is an integrated fluidic circuit (IFC). The Polaris™ takes functional genomics to a new level.

  • Select and isolate single-cells

  • Perturb with RNA, transcription factor, virus, or small molecules

  • 6 groups with individual interval and concentration dosing plans

  • Image cells to monitor viability or immunophenotype

  • Lyse, reverse-transcribe, amplify, and harvest for mRNA sequencing


Automated Cell Counter

DeNovix - CellDrop™

DeNovix - CellDrop™

Cell counting without slides

With unique DirectPipette™ Technology that eliminates plastic slides and glass hemocytometers from routine cell counting for reduction in consumable costs and environmental benfits. Dual fluorescence and brightfield optics, variable height sample chamber, and powerful, easy-to-use analysis software. Stand-alone instrument with touchscreen compatible with barcode reader and label printer.

  • AO/PI - Fluorescence cell counting and viability
  • Determine yeast cell number and viability using FDA/PI
  • Label-free total cell counts with brightfield
  • Combined measurements of Brightfield, AO, and PI measurements
  • Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP)
  • Assess transfection efficiency via Green Fluorescence Protein


Real-Time Cell Analyzer

Real-Time Cell Analyzer

ACEA - xCELLigence Real Time Cell Analysis Instruments

A new paradigm for cell-based assays

The xCELLigence instruments provide a powerful yet simple solution for live cell analysis. You get non-invasive, label-free and real-time all at once with a real-time cell analyzer.

  • No markers or dyes required
  • Compatible with orthogonal assays
  • Real-time kinetics readout
  • Fast as it reads in seconds
  • Easy workflow
  • Broad applications

Cell Counter

Corning - Corning® Cell Counter

Corning - Corning® Cell Counter

The World’s fastest and most accurate cell counter

First cell counter to combine the best features of automated and manual cell counting.

  • Fast cloud-based image processing
  • Accurate due to machine learning algorithm
  • Low-cost, no consumables required
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient data retrieval

Single Cell Preparation

Fluidigm - C1

Fluidigm - C1

Automated solution for single-cell genomics

The C1 is the strongest platform, with the most applications, for single-cell processing. Get even more capabilities with the large number of applications available.

  • Isolate and process individual cells

  • Streamlined workflow and intuitive interface

  • Protocols for preparing single cells for NGS sequencing

  • Protocols for preparing single cells for real-time PCR


Cell Growth Consumables

Eppendorf - Cell Culture Plates

Eppendorf - Cell Culture Plates

Cell growth consumables that give more reproducible results

Unprecedented convenience and safety for your plate-based cell culture experiments. Available in 6-96-well formats.

  • Prevent the edge effect and use 38% more wells by filling the moat surrounding

  • Minimized surface contact and reduced contamination risk

  • Easy differentiation of lid and plate bottom


Cell Growth Consumables

Corning® PureCoat™ rLaminin-521 6-Well Plate

Corning® PureCoat™ rLaminin-521 6-Well Plate

Robust single-cell expansion of PSCs without ROCK inhibitor

Pre-coated, ready-to-use vessel for the expansion of pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) and neural stem cells (NSCs).

  • Manufactured under EN ISO 13485 Standards, and the FDA CFR 21 Part 820 cGMP.
  • Sterile, SAL 10⁻³
  • Animal-free
  • Non-pyrogenic
  • Non-Cytotoxic
  • Individually wrapped
  • 20 month shelf-life, 2-8°C storage