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Real-Time PCR Software

Agilent AriaMx Software

Agilent - AriaMx Software

Intuitive analysis software for AriaMx qPCR data

Complete data analysis software for AriaMx and AriaDx real time PCR (qPCR) system. The software features a variety of experiment type options with customized plate and thermal profile setup, and experiment analysis screens that streamline the process of collecting and analyzing data for specific applications.

  • Freeware
  • Access the data directly from your computer
  • Supports most assay types including SYBR®, TaqMan™, and HRM
  • Intuitive to use and gives fast and easy results
Agilent Technologies

Genotyping Software

Fluidigm - Biomark & EP1 Software Genotyping Software

Fluidigm - Biomark & EP1 Software

Fast and easy results from your Biomark HD data

Free software package that includes software for data collection, real-time PCR analysis, genotyping, digital PCR, and melting curve analysis. It can be installed for data analysis on your own computer, eliminating the need to use the computer connected to the instrument for analysis.

  • Freeware for download on your own computer
  • Specialized for high-plex projects
  • Combine multible runs to make stronger clustering