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Leachable Free Consumables

Get to know how to minimize the effects of leachables

Substances leaching out of plastic consumables - socalled "leachables" - are still frequently underestimated in laboratory workflows.

At this seminar, you will learn:

  • Which effect raw materials, production processes, and quality control can have on your experiments and analysis
  • How to recognize and minimize artifacts caused by consumables

Speaker: Application Specialist from Eppendorf

This seminar is for everyone working in a lab.

Do you have 2 hours and can you gather min. 6 colleagues for this seminar? Then contact our Nordic Customer Care team at or tel. +45 8745 9010 to set a seminar date for you and your colleagues at your lab.

This seminar is available in Denmark.


Jan. 01 - Dec. 31
At your selected location in Denmark

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