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Environmental Policy

1. Environmental Policy

  • Environmental laws and directives relating to our business must be followed.
  • We work to minimize the environmental effect and act to prevent potential environmental effect.
  • We shall always consider environmental aspects in our decisions on suppliers, transportation of goods, stock handling and travelling.
  • All our personnel participate in at least one annual up to date knowledge in environmental related issues and are instructed to keep updated on regular updates our routines to create positive on environmental related issues. Information about updates are sent out to all employees.
  • The environmental work within AH diagnostics shall be continuously followed up, developed and improved. Input to improvements are coordinated by the management and the APV-group.
  • It is obligatory to in an environmentally safe way to re-cycle and dispose electronic waste and follow national strategies for doing so.
  • This policy is valid for all AH diagnostics entities in the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
  • This policy is followed up and audited by the company management on a yearly basis.


2. Environmental objectives

We shall contribute to less waste through re-cycling, re-usage and decreased consumption:

  • In Sweden we are affiliated to FTI (REPA), the industry system for re-cycling of packing material.
  • In Sweden we are affiliated to El-Kretsen, the industry system for producer responsibility and the collection of electrical and electronic waste and batteries.
  • When printing material eco-labelled paper are being used.
  • Internal and external correspondence shall to the widest extent be via e-mail.
  • We shall strive to separate waste at source.
  • We shall at purchase of products strive to choose the best products from an environmental perspective.


Our energy usage shall be as low as possible:

  • We shall strive to have portable PCs as they use less power than stationary PCs.
  • We shall at renewal of printer’s update to more energy saving technique.
  • We shall use low energy lamps. Task for Country Managers in each country.
  • All employees shall close their computer and office/desk lamps at the end of each work day.
  • We will install automatically on/off switches of office light where relevant – environment with more people.

When travelling we shall as far as possible use environmental friendly transportation and accommodation:

  • Company cars shall be environmentally classified and have a CO2 outlet of maximum 125 g per km. According to international measurement standards from 2017*.
  • New company cars must be of minimum energy “class A”
  • Company travels shall be planned in the most cost and environmental friendly way.
  • When choosing hotel environmental criteria shall be included.

We have minimizing of the environmental effect as an objective for all our shipments/deliveries:

  • We shall strive to consolidate deliveries from our suppliers.
  • We shall strive to consolidate deliveries to our customers.

We shall prioritize suppliers with an active environmental work and process.

We shall see to that all personnel and suppliers receives information in environmental issues.

3. Responsibilities and follow up

The Nordic Management Group has the overall responsibility for the environmental procedures.
Follow up on environmental policy and objectives is performed on a yearly basis after which corrective actions, and actions for improvement of our environmental procedures, is decided and implemented.


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